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Natural Bridge Caverns

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Have you ever imagined how big beneath the Earth’s surface would be? If you live in or visit San Antonio, Texas, you can discover the wonders of basements at Natural Bridge Caverns. This incredible geological site is a source of wonder for the whole family. It provides both education and excitement to all who visit it. This family-friendly destination is open to visitors daily, so you can join in at any time and without the crowds. The cave tours themselves take you through safe passages into a cool alien world filled with whimsical rock formations, stalactites, stalagmites, and more. Made up of mineral-filled water droplets, you won’t believe your eyes when you see all the weird shapes and unusual colors.

Much of this trip was to learn more about our planet and the formation of rocks underground and on the surface. The educational components don’t detract from the spirit of adventure that everyone will experience when entering a completely different world more than 100 feet below the surface.

The Natural Bridge Taverns offers several sightseeing options so you can experience the caves in different ways. Discovery Tour uses colorful LED lights to highlight a range of exciting features. The Hidden Passages tour takes you through smaller caves with truly unique ribbons, straws, and ice tubes. Combination tours are also available if you want to see them all. You can also explore undeveloped parts and pretend you are a first-time cave explorer. Watch the free-tailed bats soar as the sun goes down, or book a private tour with your group.

If you’re traveling to San Antonio for family fun, you might not be satisfied with a cave tour. This place of adventure also offers many surface experiences to live in. These include ziplines, rope courses, wall climbing, a giant maze, and activities specially tailored for kids. Learn the art of gold making at the Gem and Fossil Mining Center, shop for souvenirs at the nearby Discovery Village, and make time for lunch or snacks before heading off on your next adventure.

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