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San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

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Immerse yourself in the rich history of this part of Texas and travel back in time to learn and discover the many things about the people, cultures, and important events that shaped this great state. The National Historic Park includes four different mission sites: San José, Concepcion, San Juan, and Espada. Each offers unique opportunities to explore. Please note that you can only visit as a tourist during the park’s opening hours, as these entrances will still operate as Catholic churches with normal opening hours. Of course, you can also attend, although sometimes private events are held there.

If you’re visiting San Antonio Missions National Historic Park as an inquisitive visitor, you may want to enjoy an in-depth audio tour. While you can opt for a scheduled tour led by an experienced ranger, those who prefer to walk on their own can appreciate the stories and historical information recorded for you. In addition to the four-mission tours, small meetings are held each afternoon that include discussions about the surrounding architecture, works of art, and natural beauty.

What will you see when you visit this Missions National Park? Explore the unique blend of cultures that have influenced San Antonio and its surroundings in the past. The stately stone buildings are weathered and in some cases turned to rubble, but still tell an incredible story about the people who lived there long ago. You will see both Native American and Spanish colonial influences. This is clearly reflected in the beautiful interiors of the cathedral’s buildings.

Take time to explore the beautiful natural place as you step back in time and imagine life long ago. The area includes the picturesque Espada Dam, which is Spain’s only irrigation system still operating nearby.

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